A Healthy lifestyle/mindset/habits ~


I have really enjoyed following Dr Josh Axe and his blog, the past several years.   He is a Naturapath  Dr that practices in Nashville TN at his clinic. He has great recipes that I like and he also has videos that he does almost once a month on all kinds of topics of interest. I encourage you to explore his site : http://www.draxe.com

Here is a little section of his core plan for healthy lifestyle. I love it’s simplicity. I hope you are encouraged by it as well. ~~~~

Restored Health in Him ~

Teresa Haley

Dr. Josh Axe’s health philosophy

In a nutshell:

Eat Real Food (fresh, organic, and unprocessed)
Be Active Daily (Exercise outdoors or indoors, just be active)
Drink lots clean water
Sleep 7+ hours a night
Schedule Fun time weekly, take vacations, and REST 1 day a week
Take just a few whole-food based supplements
Build relationships with God and Family
Set Goals and follow thru

Dr. Josh Axe

” Being fit and living healthy isn’t about gym membership and health stores. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset, and a habit.”       ~ Dr. Axe

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