My “Rhema” from the Lord


What is a Rhema Word from God?

To newer Christians, the word rhema is completely unfamiliar. Long-term believers often speak of hearing the rhema word of God, and they consider it precious and something special enough to continually pursue.
In Greek, the word rhema means “an utterance.” Therefore, the rhema word in Biblical terms refers to a portion of scripture that “speaks” to a believer. In most cases, a rhema word received while reading the Bible applies to a current situation or need. In essence, the rhema word is timely and extremely valuable in a Christian’s walk with God.


My closest and dearest friends,

I want to share with you a word or rhema that the Lord himself gave me last week while I lay in my bed praying and seeking him for direction. I sat up and began to write what the spirit of the Lord was speaking directly into my ears.  I have only read it to the visitors that have come by to see me, but I felt like it may be a blessing to others of you as well. The Lord may speak something uplifting and encouraging to you through his word to me is my prayer.

Be blessed,  Teresa

Thursday 6/27/13   around 5:30 -6:00pm “message from the Lord”

Yeah, my child, I am near you.

My presence is with you.

My spirit is in you.

This is an attack from your enemy.

But, I have intervened and stopped his plans.

I know the plans I have for you.

Plans to bless and prosper and give you peace.

Your seed will be blessed and multiplied.

You will witness and behold up to 5 generations.

You will personally speak into the lives of the future generations.

I have chosen you as a vessel of honor.

One I trust.

One I know I can use to defeat the enemy,

There are others traveling this road after you.

You will be a bright light to lead them through the darkness.

I have not forsaken or forgotten you.

I see your pain.

I am mindful of your troubles.

There is no devil in hell that has the power to destroy your life.

I give and take away life.

Your life belongs to me.

You gave me your life to me years ago.

I have it written down in my books.

This is a stepping stone, not a stumbling block.

You have a ministry, that I gave you the gifts to preform.

Your enemy desires to quieten your influence in their lives.

This is  spiritual warfare.

I’m fighting this one for you.

Battles are time consuming.

Battles are messy.

Battles result in wounds, scars and injuries.

But, there will be no life loss in this battle.

Because this battle is mine.

I paid for it’s victory on Calvary’s Hill.

Fear not my precious child.

Be not afraid.

Perfect love cast out all fear.

The only thing you should fear is me.

Fear my commandments and live.

Hide my word deep inside your body and mind.

Refuse negative words.

Words are deadly.

Speak only life.

I am the peace speaker.

Follow peace.

Dr. Gore is under my command.

I am guiding and leading her decisions.

Follow and I will lead.

Trust and obey.

Don’t be lead astray.

You shall fully recover.

You will not be lame.

I am the bread of life.

Eat this bread from heaven and live.

The devil came to kill. steal and destroy.

I came to bring life and that more abundantly.

You will be a joyful grandmother actively involved with your many grandchildren.

Don’t worry about their health.

I have already spoken it.

I love you.

I am well pleased with you.

I have chosen you as an example.

A prize pupil.

I have not failed or forgotten.

The day you fell I was there.

When you cried out to me I heard you clearly.

I pitied you as a father pitieth his child.

This must be to fulfill the plans I have for you.

I have gifted you with a teaching gift.

You will use it for my glory and kingdom.

You don’t know the way.

But I do.

This journey is rough and ragged and not well traveled.

I am the only tour guide you will have.

Stayed tuned into my small still voice to hear instructions and encouragement.

I will lead and guide you.

Be not afraid,

You are safe with me by your side.

I will never leave or forsake you.

You are my child.

I love you.

This is for good and not evil.

I did not lie to you or deceive you when I said I healed you.

I did.

Your health is restored.

Your wounds are healed.

This is a new thing.

A new hurdle.

You will succeed and you will win.

I have already made sure of that.

Worship me.

Trust me.

Lean on me.

I am your savior, I save.

I am your healer, I heal.

I have the power to speak to disease and it hear an obey my voice.

My voice can be heard in the grave.

My voice can separate bone and marrow.

You are loved by so many people.

I have them praying on purpose.

Their prayers are ascending up as a sweet incense to my throne.

I am well pleased.

The angels are fanning the smell before my feet.

I am touched on your behalf.

This problem is under control, not out of control.

I have been watching it from the beginning.

Your cells are under my command and answer to me.

I allowed you to fall.

I allowed you to seek me.

Rest,  again I say Rest.

This is a short term trial.

This will not last long.

This is a purifying pressure to refine you as fine gold.

Tried by fire.

Do what you know to do.

Don’t stress.

I have the rest.

Lean heavily on my word and not on your own understanding.

I will walk with you and talk with you.

And NEVER forsake or leave you.

I am very proud of you.

Follow up with the people I place before you.

They are there on purpose.

I placed them there for you to minister to them.

This pruning will flourish and bring forth much fruit.

Think of all the people that are suffering and encourage them.

I love you and desire to speak more to you in this fashion.



and Restore.

My Beloved child.


3 comments on “My “Rhema” from the Lord

  1. Donna Loyacano says:

    Such a precious message from your personal Lord.

  2. Kimberly Travillion says:

    Our God is an awesome God… What a mighty God we serve!! Thank You Jesus!

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